About Burdweiser

I’m James. You may be wondering, what the heck is Burdweiser? It’s just a name I got while serving in the US Navy and it stuck. Thanks Misunas. The purpose of this blog? Since I’ve been working in the IT field forever I would like to share my experiences with the world. I’m just another nerdy IT architect who would like to share tips and tricks of the trade. My main focus has been on a wide variety of Microsoft products, but I have specialize in virtualization.┬áSince 2005 I have focused on virtualization. My career has taken me to small companies and large enterprises. I have done IT work for the US Navy, hospitals, development shops and the banking industry. I have built virtual infrastructures for NASA at the Johnson Space Center in Houston TX (including space shuttle and the International Space Station Operations), large data centers and SMB shops. Now, I am back working in the financial sector and I am responsible for virtual infrastructures that handle billions of dollars in transactions per day. I enjoy teaching others about the benefits of virtualization, no matter the size.

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