Deploying Citrix NetScaler Insight Center on vSphere 5.x

I must have beat my head against this virtual appliance deployment for a whole day! If you are not familiar with the Citrix NetScaler Insight Center, it “delivers unprecedented visibility and enables real-time control in response to network traffic from a variety of services such as cloud, mobile and virtual desktops. Together NetScaler Insight Center and ActionAnalytics bring visibility and control to the datacenter”. To read more, follow this Citrix link for the skinny:

The initial version of this virtual appliance did not have a version compatible with vSphere, only Citrix Xen Server. In mid June there was a press release announcing a version that would work with vSphere. Looking at the download section you will notice almost all .xva files. My initial reaction was “I need to convert this file to an OVA or OVF”. VMware converter will not convert a .xva file. Citrix XenConvert 2.3.1 is the only tool that will do the conversion to an OVA or OVF. But, the encoding for Citrix product will not work on vSphere. OVF and OVA files generated by Citrix cannot be imported by VMware due to different encoding (utf-16 vs. utf-32). If you try to import the OVA or OVF file into VMware you will get an XML error. I ran across numerous Citrix and VMware posts referring to standing up a XenServer, then do an export or convert. These methods would not work for this virtual appliance.

Looking at the deployment guide from Citrix on how to install this on VMware was a little confusing. It looks like it was written by someone who knew very little about VMware products. Why would you need the VMware OVF tool installed? Reading that made me really wonder how much effort I needed to put into this deployment.

The answer to all of this was a little simpler. Looking at the download section there is one option for a zip package.


This is the latest version that will work for the initial deployment of vSphere. Version 120.13 is what you want to use as of the date of this post. You will also notice that Citrix has posted “In order to upgrade ESX VM from builds before 120.13 release to 120.13+ builds, fresh install of the 120.13+ build is recommended”.

Within this zip file there is an OVF that is encoded to utf-32. Once you download this version it is as simple as deploying a regular virtual appliance. I recommend reviewing the Citrix Reference Architecture while planning your deployment. When you get your virtual appliance up and running, the default username and password are nsroot / nsroot.

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