Upgrade Citrix license server for XenDesktop 7

I have recently went through the exercise of upgrading my license server to 11.11.1  in preparation of upgrading to XenDesktop 7. There is an addition to the process that is not really explained in the Citrix eDocs that I would like to explain. In this version of the installation they included the Simple License Service.

When you launch the install media, you will notice that it does not give you the option to run the installation for the license server. You must navigate to the Licensing folder on the install media.



When you launch the install, it will give the option to upgrade. If you do not have a license server installed, it will give you the option to install and not upgrade.



During the installation you will get a notice about Citrix article CTX135976. What this is saying is that Desktop Studio will no longer display license usage information. The screen shot below is an example of the license usage information from Desktop Studio. I am using XenDesktop 5.6 FP1 and my Desktop Studio is After the upgrade, my license information will no longer display in this window. I will edit this post is it is available in XenDesktop 7.


After the upgrade you will be prompted to configure the port for the license server. This is for the Simple License Service. You will notice the addition of the Simple License Service in the start menu.



– The Simple License Service allocates and downloads all the licenses available for a specific product. If you want to allocate and download only some of the licenses for a product, use My Citrix.
– Once you click Allocate and Download, you cannot cancel it. If the Allocate and Download fails, useMy Citrix.
– The Simple License Service does not support redownloading or reallocating of license files. For those features, use My Citrix.
– If you rename the license server, you must reallocate any license files allocated under the old license server name and reinstall the Simple License Service. You cannot use the Simple License Service to reallocate license files. For more information about reallocating files, see Reallocating License Files in Citrix eDocs – Licensing Your Product.
– If the Simple License Service is installed and you upgrade your license server, you must repair the Simple License Service before using it again.


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