Free vSphere hands on labs

The vSphere HOL portal was announced last year from VMware. This year the labs from VMworld 2013 are now available for everyone to enjoy.

The lab setup is the exact same thing you would see at VMworld. There is a ton of useful resources for learning. You can do a basic install of vSphere and tinker with most of the advanced options. I encourage all who are looking into VMware products to try out a demo in the portal!

Some of the topics include:

– Applied Cloud Operations
– vSphere Distributed Switch from A to Z
– vSphere Performance Optimization
– Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery In Action
– vCloud Automation Solutions
– Virtual Storage Solutions
– vSphere Big Data Extensions
– vSphere and vSOM 101
– VMware IT Business Management
– vCloud Suite Use Cases – Infrastructure Provisioning (IaaS)
– vCloud Suite Use Cases – Application Provisioning (PaaS)
– vCloud Suite Use Cases – Control & Compliance
– vCloud Suite Use Cases – Quality of Service
– vCloud Suite Use Cases – Business Critical Applications
– vCloud Suite Use Cases – Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
– Horizon View from A to Z

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