Hardware vendor VIB depots

Did you know you can update your hardware with VMware Update Manager? Each vendor has a depot URL that ties into VUM.

In VUM, navigate to Configuration – download settings – add download source, enter the URL. Here is a list of vendors I have gathered so far:

Dell: http://vmwaredepot.dell.com/index.xml

HP: http://vibsdepot.hp.com/index.xml

IBM: Unfortunately they do not have a direct URL to tie in with UM. Updates are obtained by searching “fix central” on the IBM website.

Cisco: I have not found one yet. Since everything is updated in UCS, this VIB directory may not exist.

I will attach a script later to include all or one.

3 thoughts on “Hardware vendor VIB depots

  1. I’m guess the IBM URL is different, can you post the correct one

    Also, is this for BIOS, Firmware, etc, or just the management components?

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