New to the vExpert family

This week I had an explosion of twitter followers. It took me a little bit to find out that I landed on the 2013 list of VMware vExperts. I had to go back a few times (refresh/refresh) to make sure my name was really on the list. I am truly honored to be on the list this year next to so many well known names. I have applied for the past 3 years and was not selected. I have been fairly active in the virtualization community since the VMware 2.0 days. It is great to be involved and spread the word about virtualization.

If you want to see all of the interesting stats on the vExperts statistics, they can be viewed here: and

I do not work for any of the giant companies, I’m from a global financial services company. Congratulation to everyone to made it!

I’m finding that there are all kinda of perks that come with the title:

Train Signal is giving a years worth of free training to all vExpert recipients.

Nutanix is giving out vExpert print glasses at VMworld 2013:

TinTri is giving away free vExperts shirts with your twitter handle:



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