Life without vRam entitlements

What would the world be like without VMware vRam entitlements? Last year when this license model was release there was an uproar from the VMware community. It’s nice that the CPU core limit went away, but most everyone I knew said “vRam what???”.  After the initial press release, VMware followed up with increasing the vRam entitlement across all of the vShpere editions. This still put a monkey wrench in some vSphere deployment designs. I know a lot of architects who just decided to stick with vSphere 4 because of the vRam entitlement.

There are rumors swirling that VMware is due to announce the end of vRam entitlements at VMworld 2012. I think I will stand up and applaud to that if it is true. Now I can concentrate on purchasing based on physical sockets!

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