Add an existing populated datastore to a Datastore cluster

I had a question recently on creating a Datastore cluster. The question was "I have datastores with VM's already on them, can I create a datastore cluster with these volumes?". The answer is Yes! I could not find documentation on this. Most of the documentation out there shows you how to create Datastore Clusters from scratch, but really they don't address currently populated volumes. Of course you do want to follow the guidelines for creating a datastore cluster (make sure they are not replicated volumes, same storage characteristics, VMFS or NFS volumes and correct tier of storage) .  You would go through the same wizard to create the datastore cluster. Simply select populated or unpopulated datastores that you want to include in the cluster. From the VM's prospective, the storage volume will update to the new cluster name.

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  1. From the vSphere Client, this information is visible from the Properties window of the datastore.From the ESXi host, run the command:# esxcli storage vmfs extent listThe output is similar to: Volume Name VMFS UUID Extent Number Device Name Partition———– ———————————– ————- ———————————— ———datastore1 4de4cb24-4cff750f-85f5-0019b9f1ecf6 0 naa.6001c230d8abfe000ff76c198ddbc13e 3Storage2 4c5fbff6-f4069088-af4f-0019b9f1ecf4 0 naa.6001c230d8abfe000ff76c2e7384fc9a 1Storage4 4c5fc023-ea0d4203-8517-0019b9f1ecf4 0 naa.6001c230d8abfe000ff76c51486715db 1LUN01 4e414917-a8d75514-6bae-0019b9f1ecf4 0 naa.60a98000572d54724a34655733506751 1Make a note of the NAA ID of the datastore, as this information is required later. Note: Alternatively, you can run the esxcli storage filesystem list command, which lists all file systems recognized by the ESX host.

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