Easy as pie – Nexus 1000V Installation Management Center

New to release 4.2(1)SV1(5.1) is the IMC. Forget installing the Nexus 1000v in 7 minutes, the installation management center will get you there in 4 minutes! This GUI makes it super easy to deploy the appliance. Before, you had to deploy an ova, step thru the config wizard and then use a java web page to configure the Nexus. Those steps were still pretty easy. Now with the Installation Management Center you can configure everything in one step!

When you extract the Nexus install from the zip file, there is a "installer_app" directory. In there you will find a Nexus1000v-install.jar file. This launches the Installation Management Center.

Choose where to deploy…

Upload ova and choose redundancy..

After these steps, the Nexus VM or VM's are deployed and configured automatically. 


Cisco documentation for the process can be found here.





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