VMworld 2011 preview and expectations

omg, omg, omg

It's time for VMworld again! What will the lunches be like this year? Will I make it to my sessions on time? Who is going to win best in show? Will I get to see Justin Bieber there? What will the 2011 VMworld backpacks look like?

Not everyone who is going to the conference has the same goals. Some are new to virtualization and others are long time proponents. I will admit that the conference does not expose people to other hypervisor products like Hyper-V or Xen Servers, but this is VMworld after all. Everything you find will be VMware centric but most of the vendors cator to any hypervisor.

I was a little disappointed when I saw the thread on the VMworld discussion board that there would be no VCP or VCAP exams at VMworld this year. They will however have some benefits for those who attended the conference. This includes free prep material and a 50% discount on VCP 4/5 tests scheduled before November 30th, 2011. Let's hope the prep material is not just a bunch of PDF docs. You can read all about it here.

Last years Fun Run in San Francisco was awesome. It looks they have scheduled another awesome event. This time they have included a bike ride in Red Rock Canyon. The cost looks a little higher than what it was last year, but it all goes to a good cause. Information can be found here.

Don't forget about the vendor parties. Make sure you email you rep ahead of time to remind them about the customer appreciation parties at VMworld.

The labs last year were amazing. A big improvement over the 2009 VMworld labs. I'm just hoping they repeat the success of last years labs.

Whether your shopping for a specific type of product or just browsing, your bound to find a long standing vendor or a great new breakout vendor who will fit your needs.

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