vSphere web access going the way of the dinosaur after 4.1

Say it ain’t so! I was never a big fan of the web access portion of vCenter, but I assume there are a few companies still out there leveraging it. Like customers who have Linux machines that need to manage virtual machines, there is still no word on a Linux vCenter client to install. Maybe after the 4.1 release there will be an agent for other operating systems besides windows? For now, you will need to either RDP to a workstation that has the vCenter client or install windows.

So from the release note of version 4.1, “vSphere 4.1 is the last product release for vSphere Web Access. As a best practice, VMware recommends that you use the vSphere Client, which contains all the functionality of Web Access. Because vSphere Web Access is no longer being developed, support for this product is provided on a best effort basis.”.

Ever since vSphere 4.0 was release, web access was considered “experimental”, but vmware support would troubleshoot errors to a best effort. For customers with vSphere versions that support web access (experimental), you will still receive best effort troubleshooting. In version 3.5, web access was considered fully supported. I still have not found a reason why web access went to experimental in version 4.0.

In vSphere 4.0, the concurrent connection to vCenter is now 40. The vCenter client was never meant to be a common tool for the entire department to use for access virtual machines, it is a management tool. Using this tool to it’s maximum will takes it’s toll on the vCenter server itself and not to mention all network traffic from all those console windows using the KVM protocol. But, you are limited to 25 console connections (soft limit). The impacts of multiple connection to vCenter will be discussed at a later date.

Removing web access from vCenter strips out one more application that could be considered a security risk, which is welcome by all I would imagine. It looks like web access will remain on the host servers though. We will see if anything changes with the ESXi only platform on future releases.

Credit for finding this is the release notes goes out to my colleague Mr Rosebury.

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