Dell FX100 zero client Kiosk Mode

I got my new Dell FX100 in and I was excited to try it out. One thing outta the box I noticed was that there was not a kiosk mode option for VMare View. I noticed the firmware was dated with 2009. I hunted everywhere and couldn't find anything to update the device with. I then called Dell support, who proceeded to scold me for not pairing my FX100 with a R5400 Precision WorkStation. I was told that the FX100 was not supposed to connect to virtual machines, only R5400 workstations. I'm not sure if that is official, but I sure did get it to work with no issues.

So where is this magical update for the Dell FX100 Zero client for kiosk mode? Well, you need to go to the Dell support site. Look for drivers on the Dell Precision WorkStation R5400. Browse down to "video" and you will see "USI-firmware" for the FX100 Remote Access Portal. The latest build is 3.2.1 A11 from 12/17/2010. Download to your local workstation. Then open a web browser to your FX100 zero client. You can update the device from here. The kiosk mode options work great! The performance is great and it has a very nice price tag. :)

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