VMware 4.5 video card settings

So I'm trying to setup a pilot of VMware view for an employer with Windows 7 x64 Ent VM's. I'm all excited about using PCoIP for the users, but when I log into my VM with the client (4.5.0 build 293049), the display is stuck at 800 X 600. When I go to change the resolution, I get a message "some settings are managed by your systems administrator". It looks like a GPO, but we don't have any type of policy that would block this setting. The acocunt I was using was a local admin. What gives? I found tons of Microsoft articles that said to change registry keys or references to install patches. It can't be this hard!

The answer? Buried in the VMware View Administrator's Guide on page 55, to optimize Windows 7 set the video card RAM to 128. Remember, this does add slight overhead for RAM on the host. You also want to make sure in the View admin console that you have the proper display resolution set for your provisioned VM's. From the client, you also have an option to set your display resolution to full, custom or other options.

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