VCAP Datacenter Administration Exam

The VCAP Datacenter Administration Exam is one of the latest exam from VMware. To me, the VCAP exam has tons of value because it is geared towards “System Administrators, Consultants and Technical Support Engineers who can demonstrate their skills in VMware vSphere and VMware vCenter technologies in relation to the datacenter”. So all those naysayers out there that complain that all tests can be achieved by just brain dumping a test cannot say that about this exam. You will need real world experience and knowledge! I think that a VCAP would be a big glowing star on a resume for any employer seeking a good VMware architect. But that is just my opinion of the exam track.

I have been following posts and news about this exam since it was first announced. It looks like the VCAP4-DCA exam is now live. I was able to do the first stage of registration “VCAP4-DCA Registration Request“. When you complete this process, you will need your VCP number. It is printed on the VCP paper certification you received and it is on your VCP login page. A few days later I received an email from a VMware certification exam scheduler to confirm my information and what steps I need to take next. There is also a published list of cities where the exam is available, but it does not list a testing center.

I am in the midst of studying for this exam. For now, I am going to wait a couple of months before I schedule it. I have to admit, I have not played much with vCenter Server Heartbeat and vSheild Zones. Plus, I would like to take the practice exam when it becomes available. To help myself with the VCAP exam, I am compiling a list of links and study material to help prepare myself for the exam. When I did my VCP4 exam last year, I used a ton of stuff from Simon Long. He has some excellent study material. It looks like he is working on stuff for the VCAP exam, but I have not seen any changes on it in a while.

One source that I have found extremely helpful is the Train Signal VMware Pro series Vol 1 and Vol 2. If you were at VMworld this year, they had a really good discount on these. There are a ton of blog posts out there with information on the exam itself, but study material pages are just starting to pop up:

  1. The most complete I’ve found is Sean Cookstons ( VCAP-DCA Study Guide. It looks like he put in a ton of time with this one. He also provides a PDF version with links.
  2. Kendrick Coleman also has a pretty good guide in the works. He provides a zip file with VMware docs and reference material to subject matter in the exam blueprint.

These two are really the most comprehensive posts I could find that cover the material fairly well. Be sure to look into the VCAP VMware communities page for info. If you know of more study materials, please list them in the comments below.

There are quit a few post out there on reviews of the beta exam. I like what I’m hearing so far. I’m looking forward to taking the exam in the near future.

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