VMworld 2010 review

Another year has gone by along with another VMworld. I have to say that this year much much improved over VMworld 2009. The meals, VMworld fun run, session locations, labs, the parties and overall content were excellent.

Sessions: I was curious how the sessions would go this year since there was no preregistration required. It actually turned out pretty good. Yes, I missed a couple of session, most of the good ones had a long line 30 minutes ahead of time. It was pretty cool to see LucD in the PowerCLI session. I had no problems at all getting to other sessions, even ones that started 30 minutes later. But even if you missed a session, they will be available online at VMworld.com soon.

Labs: The lab environment in Moscone West were pretty cool. A Big improvement over last year. There was a larger variety of labs to work with also. The lab staff were very helpful and informative. Just the size of the lab environment was amazing. I just wish they would offer these online the way Microsoft does.

VMware vCenter™ vShield 2.0
VMware vNetwork Distributed Switch and Cisco Nexus 1000V
VMware vCenter™ Site Recovery Manager – Extended Config & Troubleshooting
VMware vCenter™ Chargeback – Advanced
VMware vSphere™ Performance & Tuning
VMware vSphere™ Troubleshooting
VMware vCenter™ Orchestrator – Orchestrating the Cloud
Lab: VMware ThinApp™ 4.6
Lab: SpringSource – Hyperic and tc Server
Lab: Intro to Zimbra Collaboration Suite
Lab: VMware vCenter™ Configuration Manager – Provisioning, Patching, and Software Distribution
Lab: VMware vCenter™ Configuration Manager – Achieving Compliance
Lab: VMware vCenter™ AppSpeed
Lab: VMware vCenter™ Data Recovery
Lab: VMware vCenter™ Server Heartbeat
Lab: VMware vCenter™ Site Recovery Manager – Basic Install & Config
Lab: VMware vCenter™ Site Recovery Manager – Extended Config & Troubleshooting
Lab: VMware vCenter™ Chargeback – Advanced Hands-on Lab
Lab: VMware vCenter™ CapacityIQ
Lab: VMware vCloud™ API
Lab: VMware vCenter™ Orchestrator
Lab: VMware vCenter™ Update Manager
Lab: VMware vCenter™ vShield 2.0
Lab: Basic VMware vSphere™ – Install & Config
Lab: VMware ESX 4.1 – New Features
Lab: VMware ESXi Remote Management Utilities
Lab: VMware vSphere™ Performance & Tuning
Lab: VMware vSphere™ Troubleshooting
Lab: VMware vSphere™ PowerCLI
Lab: VMware VI SDK C#
Lab: VMware VI SDK Java
Lab: VMware vNetwork Distributed Switch and Cisco Nexus 1000V
Lab: VMware Products – VMware vSphere™ Sandbox

Group Discussions: I really think this was one of the hidden gems of VMworld. The group discussions was by far my favorite thing to attend! Most of my colleagues described the discussions like an AA meeting. “Hi, my name is James, and I’ve been using VMware for 5 or 6 years”. So the setup had about 30 or 40 chairs in a small room, everyone would sit and discuss the topic at hand. The proctor for the group would be someone from VMware and would lead the group via a voting poll on an onscreen display. Most of these discussions would only bring 20 or 30 participants. My favorite one was “virtualizing Active Directory”. This brought in about 5 managers from different companies who said “Are you crazy? Virtualize AD? What madness is this?”. It was fun discussing with others how they worked on certain things and also talk to managers about they’re fears or limitations. I have done plenty of AD in VMware and it’s something I plan on blogging about later.

VMworld Fun Run: This was my first year participating. I wish we could have run on the Golden Gate Bridge, but Crissy Park was really nice. You really got to take in the scenic views while on the run. Everything was very organized for all the participants. The event was for a good cause, “Save the Bay”.

I had a great time at VMworld and I’m looking forward to attending VMworld 2011 in Vegas!

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