Virtual machines crashing on EMC ExtremIO

After creating some virtual machines on ExtremIO storage, I noticed virtual machines would blue screen after booting up. This did not happen on any other attached array. It turns out this is a long standing problem, dating back to 2014. Being new to the ExtremIO space, our VAR did not give us a heads up that some tuning needs to be done on the host side.

“The default DiskMaxIOSize in ESXi is 32767 (32 MB). Even if the storage array reports a different block size to the host, ESXi continues to use the default DiskMaxIOSize of 32 MB. Because of this, block transfers between the virtual machine and the storage array may be interrupted or incomplete. The result is that the Windows Virtual machine may fail to boot using EFI.”

I have not seen this come up for any other block array. The issues is only with EFI enabled virtual machines. So if you have this type of issue with a new block array, check the best practices on VMware.

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