If I were in charge of VMware certifications

I have done the VCP level exams since the 3.x days. I remember when they were around in the 2.x days. Over the past 5 years we have seen an evolution of the VMware exams from VCP to over 20 certifications ranging from datacenter, networking, cloud and mobility. I applaud VMware for providing certifications in these areas and the levels of certifications for each area. But, has the certification wing of VMware turned in to a profit center or has content creation really grown to such an expense? It is tough to tell from the outside.

For me, I’ve had a love hate relationship with the certification exams. I love to pass, but I hate the tricky worded questions you would not normally see in any real world circumstance. For example, you see questions like this:

An administrator created a VM named “GoodVM” on a VSAN cluster with AMD processors on the hosts and four 10GB ports for the VM porgroup. What is the best method to reboot the virtual machine?
A. From the desktop client, choose Ctrl + R.
B. From the desktop client, choose “power, reset”.
C. From the host, invoke the command “esxcli restart -W VM -GoodVM”
D. Chewbacca lives on Endor, you must acquit.
E. Administrators do not have permissions to create virtual machines.

In the real world you would not get 80 confusing questions to solve in a couple of hours. It feels as though the VCP level exams have almost turned VCAP with the level of knowledge you need. Knowing exact error codes and memorizing minimums / maximums between versions (and even patch levels) does not seem realistic.

I believe there should be a training track solution like there is today. Maybe not so much of a hard requirement for the exam prerequisite. I’d say there should be an option to pass some online VMware exam before taking the VCP level exams. Maybe a set of 10 different exams within a months time frame.

For those taking the VCP delta exam there should be an option to take the exam at home. This was an option for the VCP5 delta, but not version 6.

We should get rid of the version numbers for VCAP and VCP if there is going to be a 2 year life cycle on the exams.

I look forward to the certification web cast hosted by the VMware education wing on 5/11/2017 for news on upcoming exams.

These are just my opinions and are in no way negative towards the great job the certification team has been doing over the years providing great exams.

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