My thoughts on VMworld 2016

It was great to have the opportunity to visit VMworld again this year and connect with old friends and new ones. This years VMworld was held in Las Vegas. I have to say that I prefer this location over San Francisco. There are many more entertainment options available over San Francisco. Repeat visitors to VMworld know what I am talking about. I think I did everything in San Francisco the first couple of year I attended the conference. Vegas just has much more to offer in the city. The venue at Mandalay Bay was very nice, but I liked it more when it was at the Venetian. Plus the hotel rooms are not $500 a night with shared bathrooms like San Francisco.

But VMworld is not really about having a work vacation. The content VMworld provides is the best. The solutions exchange, sessions and labs are fantastic. This year seemed to have many new vendors on the floor. I think the newest product I saw that interested me was from RuneCast. I’m surprised they did not win any awards. They have a analyzer product you should download and try out. This year on the solutions exchange floor it did not feel like everything was about public cloud products. There was a good mix of options for enterprise environments.

Of course it was great to see the guys from Tintri and Dell. Although, Dell was really lacking on the equipment side. They mentioned the Compellent array was lost in shipping. We were hoping to see some of the newer controllers. I also have to say thank you to our local UDI team for sticking with us for a couple of days.

I dropped by the education center during the conference and learned that the VCAP6-DCV Deploy exam had been released a couple of days prior to the conference. I have been waiting for this one for some time to become VCIX6-DCV. Now I just need to learned all that command line stuff for VSAN and pony up that $400 for the exam.

I usually don’t like to talk about negative things, but I have to mention that I stopped by the expert bar in the solutions exchange to get some answers on upgrading 5.5 to 6.x. The person who was an expert on vSphere mentioned that I should upgrade to vSphere 6.2. I said “6.2, when did that come out?”. He said “it’s been out for a few months, I’m surprise you have not hear about it”. I said “wow, I’m really out of touch, I didn’t even know about 6.1”. Turns out, the latest release is 6.0 update 2. Maybe the guys at the expert booth were just tired from talking all day. Do they get breaks?

Will I go back next year? Possibly. I just hope it will be in Vegas again.


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