Where is the VCIX6-DCV exam?

With much cheering and confusion, the VCIX exams were announced last February.


Current VCAPs wondered, “what do I need to upgrade?”. The upgrade path for current VCAP-DCA and VCAP-DCD holders seems clear enough in the link above.

Where is the exam? Well, VMware education released the VCIX-NV right away. There is still no definite date when the VCIX6-DCV will be released. This is the word I received from VMware education:

“I would like to inform you that, VMware is in process of releasing VCP6-DCV Exam now, so after this VCIX6-DCV Exam should be release. Please note that, as of now we do not have exact date of the release or the update, most probably it should be release by the end of the year. Please go through our website blog.vmware.com for the upcoming updates.”

I really had high hopes that the exams would be released in time for VMworld 2015, but it looks like more towards the end of the year. I would say to anyone who has been thinking of holding off on taking the VCAP-DCD or DCA, go ahead and take the exams now.

VMware has provided a link that you can sign up for notifications for the exam release. http://t.co/Q51DTBSjM2

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