Why I chose Tintri

Let me first say. No, I did not pick Tintri because of all those vExpert shirts. I selected them because they have a fantastic storage platform. They are so easy to use!

I spent months going through a lot of the newer storage platforms. The enterprise space I work in now has been with a couple of the big block vendors for years and have spent a ton in maintenance fees every year with little in the way of array features we can use when it comes to virtualization. Yes, we went from fiber to an IP storage fabric. I was looking for something purpose built for virtualization. Something so simple to setup and manage that I could get a junior admin to run it without having them attend a complex storage course. The array really does only take 10 minutes to setup. Should I be more impressed with the array if it takes a team of consultants days to setup? No way! Does it mean that the features Tintri provides is limited because it does not require a team of storage admins to manage the array? I found VMstore very feature rich when used for virtualization. I’m not dogging the big block vendors, each one is multi-purpose for different types of workloads in the physical and virtual world. With the introduction of VVOLs, the block vendors will be easier to use when it comes to leveraging storage. We will soon see if any of the big boys on the block will provide code upgrades to existing gen 1 arrays for VVOLs.

As technology progresses, innovation should include ease of use. Tintri got it right with the VMstore product. Tintri Global Center is a virtual appliance used to manage all of the VMstore arrays. Global center has a very clean look and feel for troubleshooting performance. My only gripe about Global center is that it does not have ldap integration for user logins. Tintri also has a vRealize Operations management pack for VMware vRealize Suite you can use if you do not want to dig around Global Center.

I see other storage vendors catching up to Tintri, but I can’t wait a few years for the big block guys. The amount of storage I get in such a small footprint in my racks is amazing! Always take a cautious approach when selecting a storage vendor. Keep in mind: What kind of vendor lock in will I be stuck with based on features used?  What does it take to upgrade the array firmware? (I already did this one, it’s non-disruptive and nondestructive). And,  How will I move data if I upgrade or want to get off of the array?

I don’t want to get in to all of the performance gains and use case statistics. This can be different for everyone based on your environment. Doing a POV (proof of value) is a very easy process. Just get in touch with your local Tintri rep or VAR.

I realize this post is not overly technical, but in follow on posts I will do some lab work on building Citrix environments on Tintri.

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