Dell Compellent vSphere Web Client Plugin 2.0 permissions

I was working with the VMware vSphere web client plugin 2.0 for Compellent storage and I came across a small roadblock with the service account permissions. Getting the virtual appliance setup is pretty straight forward. Just get your head wrapped around what the CITV is and how it interacts with the Enterprise Manager server “EM Server” (which talks to your storage controllers). CITV does not talk directly to your Compellent controllers.

Looking at the administration guide on page 3, you configure the vSphere web client plugin in vCenter as the service account you want to use.

Compellent account

The first thing you need to do is configure credentials for the CITV to launch tasks in vCenter. I’m a fan of using specified service accounts for virtual appliances. This is a windows account that needs to be specified. However, in the administrators guide it does not specify what level of permissions in vCenter this account needs. I sent an email over to Jason Boche¬†at Dell and he did confirm that the account needs to have top level “administrator” permissions for now. They are working on changing this in the next release.

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