VMworld 2014 wrap up

Wow, another VMworld just went by? This year was great. So much is changing. These are the highlights from VMworld this year:

1. VMware introduced (ROBO) remote branch office server licensing. You can compare the two editions here.

2. VMware workspace suite for Horizon and Airwatch.

3. With 5.5 U2 you can now modify version 10 virtual machines with the vSphere client. The update will also include a few feature updates.

4. Bummer, vSphere 6 is still beta. You can sign up for the beta and test it out! Nice stuff like 4 vCPU FT, vMotion changes, the web client has improved, vMotion across vCenters and virtual datacenters (just to name a few things)

5. Virtual Volumes (vVols).

6. VMware integrated OpenStack. (VIO)

7. New network certifications, VCP-NV, VCDX-NV and VCIX-NV. More certifications to add to the list!

8. vCloud Air. There will be a government services platform coming in September. In 2015 there will be an on demand version, but there will be a beta available soon. EMC Viper has a tech preview of object storage.

9. EVO:Rack and EVO:RAIL. 6 vendors so far will be selling these setups.

10. VMware vSphere data protection version 5.8 and vSphere replication. SRM is also at version 5.8.

11. VMware vCAC 6.1 will arrive in September.

12. VSAN version 2.0 is out, but in beta.

13. vRealize operations suite.

There are also a lot more announcements based on development of Horizon DaaS, vGPU from Nvidia and Project Fargo.

This was a great VMworld this year. I had a chance to meet up with some really smart guys. It was a great pleasure to see what all the storage vendors are doing in the market place. It will take some time to digest all of these great announcements coming from VMware.





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