VMworld 2014 Alumni

Don’t forget to sign up for the VMworld Alumni program this year as you sign up for VMworld 2014. If you have attended two or more VMworld conferences as a full paid attendee, you qualify!

When I first saw Alumni, I thought “Yes I have attended previous VMworld events”. But it is a new program this year. This alumni protal launched on 8/25/2013. You will get 25 points for signing up and 100 points for every VMworld you attended. I think these points are awarded after you attend the event. No word if you can receive 100 points for previous VMworlds attended. The link to transfer previous enrollments is currently a place holder page.

Learn more here: http://www.vmworld.com/community/conference/us/learn/programs/alumni

The alumni program allows you to earn points for merchandise rewards, various activities and special offers. I have not seen anything specific. Earn CloudCred for registering for the Alumni Portal while on site at VMworld, and earn extra CloudCred points for referring a friend! Alumni members have enjoyed a $200 discount on VMworld registration for the past several years.

Stop by the VMworld Alumni lounge located at Jillians at the Metreon. Pick up your free gift, use the free wifi, enjoy snacks and beverages and relax playing a game of pool.